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Human Rights

True, the Americans say the Taliban were not
Prisoners of war.
But against whom then go to war?
Related to the war is a funny thing. The problem for the
Americans is that international law does not distinguish between "bad"
and "good" war parties differ, but two similar
Grants rights. Therefore, it now as the Kriegsmethaphorik
quite the case for the Americans. At first they had to attack
see the WTC as a hostile act, because only those with a
military means must be answered is (for the terrorists
Police charge)
So they have, but, ironically, the attack in a way
legitimized. If America invades Afghanistan, more than 3700
innocent civilians and a far higher number of soldiers killed,
then the attack on the WTC as an act of war can also
see with collateral damage. America wants, but in any case.
Therefore, alternating Al Qaeda fighters to be enemy
Warriors, terrorists threaten the internal security and
Criminals. It is simply not yet found a suitable category. That
best it would be seen as terrorists by the international
Homeland Security berdrohen and therefore of the internationally
ligitimierten police must be destroyed.